Resting in Burgos

So what have I been doing since Nájera?

Well you may recall that I headed to Burgos for a few days rest and recuperation before the Irish Spy’s planned arrival. During this time I managed to take a tour on the Disney train seeing some important sites that I may have missed on foot.

I also took a free bus from outside the Opera to visit Decathlon and see what the fuss is about with cheap gear (nothing I wanted though I saw some cheap sleeping bags so many needed at the albergue!).

Then I managed to replace my stolen sea to summit towel at a great little camino gear shop back in the city on the camino heading into burgos.

During the day I took heaps of photos as I wandered the city. And I discovered a great little vegetarian restaurant right between my hotel and the cathedral!

I spotted some of the pilgrims who had visited Najera during our term.

Some were up to dubious activities .. seated on the ground outside bars and cafes.

Others were just out eating lunch recovering from blisters no doubt.

(Zebra took a disturbing blister photo of the guy third from the right above when he was in Najera)

Then, just when I had thought it was all behind me – there she was! From the corner of my eye she passed quickly. Still in the distance I could see her. She had passed me while I was photographing another angle of the cathedral.

Mavis was heading straight for one of the biggest albergues on the camino.

What was she hoping to achieve? Did they have sheets there? Could she convert them to the military two person fold?

I broke out in a cold sweat. The thought of the two person military sheet fold overtook my mind. I headed straight to the nearest bar for a tinto de verano and calamari to plan tactics lest I be approached for the two person fold again! (Tinto verano con limón for those who were wondering!)

Afortunatement, my fear was without basis! She disappeared quickly into the albergue and was not seen again. The calamari and tinto de verano were excellent!

Thereafter followed my last day before the Irish spy was to arrive for her reconnaissance mission and we were to venture onto the Meseta.

I wandered around Burgos marvelling at the history and magnificent architecture.

I also visited the Museum of Human Evolution and I am so glad I did. On both of our previous caminos the thought of walking around a museum so off piste did not appeal at all. What a mistake it would have been had I never returned!

I learned that the earliest evidence of life had been found in Western Australia. The earliest form of marine life in India. And the earliest form of Human life right here in Atapuerca. I was also informed (in English and Spanish) about genetics and the development of the human brain and the interactive displays were so amusing.

I had heard rumours of how good this museum was when on the camino. But the history of human evolution was neither here nor there when my focus was on foot pain, tapas and muscle recovery.

This museum visit changed me! I wanted to become a scientist like my friend Yvette had been. I would have loved to have visited this museum with her! Definitely worth pushing passed the foot pain if passing through Burgos even if just for an hour!

So that was where I disappeared to. In between sleeping and eating I managed to enjoy a wonderful visit to a city I had really not seen as I passed through twice on the camino.

Highly recommend a few days here if you can spare it on your camino!

Next is a visit to the Meseta before heading north of Santiago to walk the Camino Ingles!

Buenas noches.

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  1. donna says:

    love reading your posts ! making an effort in crazy life

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I visited the museum on one trip, but found that I was not able to fully appreciate it. Perhaps another time, I will be more receptive!


    1. Ha it occurs to me that after weeks of military sheet service and stuffing biscuits into people’s gobs the intellectual stimulation was much needed! 🙂


  3. connieohio says:

    So glad to hear you have rested-and dodged Mavis! Burgos is definitely an interesting place to explore and relax. Wishing you further adventures beyond!


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