Day 3 Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma 25 kms 9 hours 40mins

Today I started walking with my new German room mate. I knew I would be too slow for her so I encouraged her to go on ahead as I enjoyed the view and the walk up up up.

I know you probably thought yesterday was a complaint about up up up but it was really the down that was the difficult part. Today we started with a good breakfast and I took a picture of the rain deer creme that was popular for German hikers to put on their feet.

It wasnt too far up this hill when the car pulled up and the four spanish people jumped out again. I felt sorry for them. They must be exhausted. All this jumping in and out of cars! It must also be very sad for them. They wont be able to get a compostela will they!

There were some lovely views today too and the hotel lady told us that there would only be one stop so we must make sure to visit the Meson de Museo just after Presado albergue. As it turns out there was another little cafe opened first so I stopped there and had an icecream before moving on.

When I arrived at the Meson my room mate was there with a bunch of spanish and German friends but they were all just finishing. I took a long break and had, guess what? Potata tortilla! I needed something more, like meat and other vegetables, but that would have to wait. I typed some of my blog and had a great rest and headed off on my merry way.

The elevation profile on my app was interesting.

After another couple of hours I came out of the country side, crossed a road and the was Cafe Avenida. The spanish friends were there along with the nice Italian couple I had been playing leap frog with over the last couple of days. As soon as I walked in the bar the lady gave me a biscuit – of course I shoved it in my gob and ordered a cana!

The owner was very friendly and loved having her photo taken with her visitors but she also liked telling everyone the easy way to their albergues. She even had a laminated map. I had a reservation with my friend in meson do venta and she showed me a picture and sent me 3kms straight ahead.

Little did I know this would be terrifying ! I tried and tried to call the taxi number that i had but no one answered. It felt like 5 kms down the side of a freeway! I took my buff off and tied it to the end of one hiking pole and held it out as a warning to cars not to come too close. I called my room mate and she would have to head the same highway out of bruma. When I came to the first exit to my left I took it but a local man sent me back out and said its only 1 km forward. I wanted a lift but he just took off. I was so pleased to have survived this walk and I told the owner at our pension how terrifying it was and she should call the lady at avenida to stop sending pilgrims that way. But there’s no other way! Well via the Hospital albergue still brings you out at the turn I tried to take.

Anyway I sat with all the young Germans while they critiqued the wine and had a quick gourmet pilgrim meal with my German Guidebook guru before heading to bed for an early night. Well 10 or 11 or something! It was freezing cold and windy. Who knew what to expect tomorrow.

hasta mañana

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