Our sea lion trip – Was it the calm before the storm?

I do hope not. But since we disembarked from our sea lion trip the wind has steadily increased throughout the day. I have also received a message from the airline saying our flight was leaving earlier than planned. Fortunatemente (my second most favourite spanish word) this will be our last Aerolineas flight as the rest are with LAN. Aerolineas seem to like changing schedules and might be this continents answer to Jetstar!

Anyway another lady informed us that it is going to be very cold tomorrow so I guess we were more than lucky to strike the perfect day for boating and snorfelling.

I am just reflecting back again and forgot to mention that we bumped into our favourite Canadian couple again in Ushuaia (you know Lloyd and Marilyn who caught the bus with us from Punta Arenas up to Torres del Paine). It was like meeting old friends – when we went to find our luggage there they were looking like the professional hikers they are, lighting up the room with their smiles – they were checking in to head to Antartica – they had caught the 12 hour bus across from Chile a day or two before and by all accounts we didnt miss too much flying out of Ushuaia on the day we arrived – we had a few hours to walk around town and check the joint out. We still hope to see the German hikers again at Iguazu Falls and to catch up with our other favourite single Canadians Ginger Gail and Carol in Oz and or Canada and might even visit Hawaii and catch up with Lorena and Stacey one day. Who knows whether Adriana and Diego will ever make it to Oz but that would be great too.

Anyway another night has passed in Puerto Madryn, after the sea lion adventure we explored around town a bit. Rather than the touristy spots we headed out on foot to see a bit of the real town. Not overly attractive i have to say and since leaving the far South there are notably a few shady looking characters hanging about. I remember when we arrived in Punta Arenas our taxi driver Roxanne told us that the people in her town were “muy amable” very friendly and she was right. So for a while since flying out of Santiago we have been able to relax a little and enjoy and the broken zip on my pacsafe bag has not seemed such a problemo.

On our walk around we also dropped back in to the dive shop (Scuba Duba) – the nice people who had taken us out to the sea lions and found out that this town has a very unique celebration on and under the pier during holy week. They do the stations of the cross above and under the water. The priest gets decked out in dive gear and says the prayers from lit up crosses underwater and his voice is heard on the surface – it sounds like the whole town gets involved so if anyone is really looking for a unique way to celebrate their Catholicism we may have found it! Get your scuba gear on and get into it! (or apparantly stand on the pier with thousands and watch from above!)


This morning the wind is still up and I am glad that our boat trip yesterday was on the perfect day. Husband did not contract my tummy bug fortunatemente however he awoke in the middle of the night with rather severe coughing and seemingly a chest infection. He was whinging a bit yesterday but it wasnt too obvious because our morning with the sea lions was so good. Anyway out came the medical cabinet again. Hopefully he chirps up soon – we are flying to Buenos Aires today and guess what! Its time to tango!!!!!

believe it or not this is me with sea lions behind

a quick scratch on shore


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