Lighters lighters – two for a pound!

Yep that’s how I remembered Dublin from my youth. “Loiters loiters two por a pound!” Peddlers shouting their wares and teaching me a whole new way of speaking.

But not this time! Nope this time no peddling in Dublin’s fine city, only high end fashion and expensive second hand shops. But I had my own personal tour guide in the guise of an Irish spy! 🕵️‍♀️

First there was lunch at Bewleys in Grafton street, a visit to a whiskey store, a totter through each part of the city, a visit to a currency exchange that didn’t charge half a kidney, and tea at the halfpenny bridge – even a visit to the book of Kells.

My favourite was the long room at Trinity College. A multi story library of ancient texts still in use today! I could smell history radiating from the leather spines and old timber book cases. I wanted to stay and breath it in but alas I was somewhat disturbed by the crowds!

Claustrophobia started kicking in after a little while so I had to head outside to gasp the crisp fresh air of the Irish summer. I pulled my puffer jacket out and put my rain jacket on over the top. I was glad we could take shelter in an Italian restaurant while we waited for the Irish yoga master! Aah the cool cool breeze of summer! Not something I’m used to really. But I digress.

The yoga master arrived and we all drank wine and laughed and caught up on the multitude of events that had occurred since we had all bid each other farewell on the camino. But I was exhausted! I was lead back to the buses and found my way back to my hotel ready for another early start on the morrow! And no my bag had not miraculously made its way into my room.

Buenas noches!

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