Day 14 That’s not a ham! This is a ham!

We had been murdering Chinchas and their families for two weeks now. We had stopped them in there tracks on arrival, we had drowned them, cooked them, asphyxiated them, and last but not least, Mavis had squashed them! It sounds creepy I know but they can arrive in the Hilton as well! It seems like they come in with certain pilgrims but we sometimes onlyknow who they are once they have gone! But Mavis has thankfully been on top of the murder system! Apparently they are more attracted to dirty clothes – hence the need to wash sheets daily. And they are killed by heat so the sun and the dryer are critical. Seems sensible!

As an aside, I did notice something strange in the cleaning cloth selection today and, with my sleuth like mind, I must admit I wondered if I might have uncovered the resting place of my towel !!!- after all it had been hanging with the cleaning cloths!

(This is not my towel by the way! Mine was blue)

This morning we bid goodbye to our last pilgrims about 7.30am. They were a lovely couple from Valencia who said this was the most comfortable Albergue they had stayed in! We thought that was nice to hear as we have gone to great effort and with so many coming and going, and with Mavis undertaking military regimes, it was not always obvious to some how much work is involved- directed specifically to the comfort of pilgrims.

Anyway after they left we zoomed through the cleaning and then I went to the mercado (supermarket) and bought some nice wine for a change!

I found it interesting looking at the prices of things and the different products on display. I thought the Baileys looked quite cheap but I wasnt going to drink that much in two months let alone two days so I thought it best I leave it with its family on the shelf.

I also marvelled at the seafood display. As you can imagine, I had no idea of what i was looking at. Learning spanish is clearly going to be a life long quest!

And then I saw the ham. I felt like I was in heaven! I felt like taking one home and at Christmas when someone pulls out a woollies ham and says “Here’s the ham!” I would pull out my ham. And say “That’s not ham, this is a ham!” But I can’t. It’s too heavy! Especially for someone who was so excited to have a backpack that weighs less than 800grams!

Anyway, I left the ham where it stood and toddled back home via the feretaria. I asked the ferret if we could have a big pot for the albergue and he said yes. He gave me a big pot. The Italians will be happy! So will the Koreans just quietly! I suspect Mavis will be too!

Zebra and I washed all of our sheets and sprayed our room as I had a bite on my arm that was a little suspicious although it was only one and there were meant to be more if I had been attacked by chinchas! I am calling it a mosquito bite until further notice!

Mavis went all around the dormitory spraying baygon (or the Spanish equivalent) and made sure nothing would survive! Nor would we have had we not left the minute she started!

We welcomed a new group of pilgrims – we were always trying to ensure they felt like they had arrived somewhere special while at the same time asking them to help us with keeping the curfew and cleaning up after themselves.

I took a break around 5 and went back to the piscina! There I marveled at the local practice of chair parking! Yes you can park your chair overnight for use the next day so you can laze around with your lipstick and sunnies on pretending you like swimming!

I like swimming. I really enjoyed swimming today especially – it was so hot 🥵 And I love these pools! Someone here must like swimming too because they have a big winter pool as well. A great pueblo city for a person who likes swimming I’d say.

After my swim I returned to find Mavis had taken a strong interest in the vacuum cleaner! It was broken and it was full! It may have been that way for months! She almost started emptying it inside but we were frightened and zebra encouraged her outside hoping to save the room from filling with dust! Or something else more sinister …….

Then the 3 danish girls who had checked in last decided they needed to both sunbathe and freeze their feet. I suggested the pool was only 5 minutes walk. We all know that’s too far after you’ve finished for the day don’t we? (Unless you’re me!)

We also adjusted the washing lines to try and ensure everyone’s clothes had some sun. Some people don’t seem to know how to ring there clothes out! Oh well.

After dinner we wandered around to the other side of the river to see what was happening.

When we arrived home I decided someone had been using the 3 day old kettle for something other than water!!! So I cleaned it with carb soda and a scourer. Of course Mavis wasn’t satisfied and wanted to clean it again! I stopped her! I stuck a sign on it – I hope it works!

Buen fantastic camino a todos!!!

(If you are reading these blogs and enjoying them please leave me a comment below muchas gracias)

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  1. Michele Kindelan says:

    Love reading your blogs as I can imagine myself there on my Camino. Unfortunately I haven’t made it there yet and you are on your third ( just a little envious ). Though I am now a little worried about albergues , dirty sheets and chinchas. 😟😂 I hope everyone is as thorough as you, Mavis and Zebra.
    Looking forward to your next blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brian says:

    Well I’ve climbed back up off the floor from whence you sent me guffawing with the ‘ferret’ finding the right pot for you amongst his merchandise . In Outera we had to beg something similar from a villager as the albergue kitchen was bereft of any utensil AT ALL.
    Cocina feliz!

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  3. Connie Ramage says:

    Yes! Gail, I look forward to your daily blog and am amazed by all of the hard work and effort you ladies do every day. The bug problem is scary, but I wasn’t affected on my two Caminos, thankfully. Probably because of the hospitalarios’ diligence. I will be more grateful next year. So nice to hear you take time for a dip in the pool and vino tinto. That’s the very brand I buy at Kroger! Take care! Connie

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Linda Healy says:

    Your command of language is once again rewarding and funny!
    When the time comes for me to do the Camino again … yet with my daughters, I will have to visit your Albergue and the pool!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reg Spittle says:

    Nice job…ah, the memories. Jamón!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nicky says:

    Loving your blogs, so entertaining, I can imagine myself there.


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