Day 7 Tui to O Porriño 17.1kms 5hrs 16 mins (121.6kms)

I headed down the cobblestone streets in front of the convent first. I woke too early and couldn’t go back to sleep so I ate the nice breakfast that was waiting and juiced my own oranges.

I was too slow for the Fräulein and the young one and felt I was holding them back when they were walking with me. There were plenty of street lights to start with but as usual eventually one finds oneself wandering into the dark every day. Being safety conscious my usual practice is to stop and wait for some other pilgrims to walk with.

I ended up walking with the young one and as it was a relatively easy day we took our time enjoying the countryside initially but eventually decided on the direct route into O Porriño and the Fraulein took the scenic route so we didnt see her until our albergue. Whilst I was dawdling along the industrial area a lovely Russian girl came by and chatted for a while.

It was a particularly straight long stretch but it was kind of interesting seeing the comings and goings around the place.

We all arrived in O Porriño early to the very friendly Alojamiento Albergue to find out it was fiesta time which sounds great but means its a public holiday and everything is closed. Or close-ed as its said whenever I am looking for food in Spain!

My feet were still sore even though it was only a short way and my knees were swollen as usual. It’s not all fun and games this walking you know! I rested behind the curtain of my bed and others were silently jealous as I had a window and no one above me.

We had a delicious late lunch meal with the Arizonian at the restaurant recommended by our albergue manager (quite possibly owned by the same people) although later that evening Fräulein was a little disappointed in her chicken sandwich nevertheless I stand by their cooking as muy rico! Wonderful chicken and zucchini risotto with plenty of saffron!

Later when the fiesta started it was a little fun looking at all the locals having fun so when the opportunity arose Fräulein and I thought we’d participate a little ourselves! The young one was exhausted and slept for 12 hours straight.

But you already knew I had a big head!

The Other Young Danes from Fernanda were at the albergue as were a number of other people we had been seeing along the way.

I enjoyed chatting with the Helena at reception and was thrilled when asked to assist with some translation! I’m sure I got it right when she asked for the translation for “mas circa de aquí” helping her out in giving directions.

Hasta manana

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