Day 8 O Porriño to Redondela A Short Cut in the Evening 17kms (total Portuguese 138.6km)

(Yet again i have been tardy in my blog uploads and internet upload speeds have been uninspiring! I shall quickly update you on some of the days).

The Old young one waited for me and we left together this morning but first I asked Helena for a photo so I could remember one of the most friendly albergues on the camino.

She happily posed with both of us in her lovely camino T-shirt and off we went to the supermercado before heading out of town together. The Aussies from Brisvegas past us by and stopped for a quick photo too and then we were off up the hill.

We walked for a while and I enjoyed stopping and taking a few photos knowing there was no pressure to beat the rain. (Well, guessing not really knowing!)

At the first cafe a rather long line up had formed and I turned my phone on to check messages while standing there. As luck would have it Fräulein had messaged me to say the next cafe is better and no line up. So we re donned our packs and walked 50 metres to a near empty cafe. The ladies were lovely and very happy to bring out their Koalas when they heard I was Australian.

I ended the day walking alone into Redondala and was greeted by the Arizonian and my German friends in the mid afternoon. The Other Young Danes dropped in for an afternoon refreshment.

It was a beautiful albergue and lovely little town and I was thrilled to pop my head in the door of a hairdresser and see if she would trim my fringe. For a grand total of 3 euros she gave me a short cut and I could see again! Miracles do happen on the camino!

We met the Other Young danes and went on the hunt for dinner. There was a table of Americans next to us who marvelled at our food only to be disappointed to find we had taken the last plate of lasagna (actually it was me not we)! I headed off to bed for another big day on the morrow.

Buenas noches!

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