Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay

Colonia, as it is known to the locals, is a lovely little UNESCO listed town on the shores of the Rio del la Plata opposite buenos aires. Apart from some modern buildings there is a very old city with early portuguese architecture and also has the oldest church in Uruguay. My friend Ximena recommended a visit and all the guide books suggest its worth a visit, if only so you can have a break from BA and withdraw us dollars from the atms.

After our night of tango I was feeling the need for antibiotics myself so hit the medicine kit before leaving our hotel and therefore I arrived at another boat feeling nauseous and ready to be sick. This is before we've even hit the water – again! Husband is still not feeling too good either so we get through customs and find our way on board only to sleep most of the journey. I have had to take the antinausea drug as I think the antibiotic made me sick. Anyway when we disembark we arrive at a quiet little town with beautiful buildings, trees and sandy beaches beside the muddy waters of this exceptionally wide river (it takes an hour on a fast boat to cross). It really was a pleasant little town and probably was the best thing we could have done for the day. But it was hot – damned hot.

The trouble is neither of us are bouncing about with a spring in our step, the climb up the lighthouse just seemed too much in the heat of the day (it seems we are reverting to our prepatagonia selves) so we cafe hop for air con and cold drinks and site see in between stops. It is certainly a break from the chaos of BA and we do have the opportunity to withdraw some US dollars which are good for getting a better exchange rate than direct withdrawals from atms in Argentina but all in all I think we could have done with a complete day of rest. Oh well…

Tomorrow we are off to Iguazu Falls on the Argentine, Paraguay, Brazil border. There will be no rest for the weary there, so desafortunatement the melanga will have to go on without us tonight (without the hot new lord of the tango) and we will rest and recover in air conditioned comfort ready for the next adventure!

Photos will come – i need to upload and shrink them first and most of the internet has been too slow thus far – maybe tomorrow.


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