Lord of the Tango

We were picked up early from our hotel and after a zig zag ride in the mini bus through the city, we were herded up the stairs into a dance space that looked like it had been operating for over 100 years. (I later found out it was built in 1895). There were probably 30 people in the lesson – some couples, some singles and a few small groups of guys and gals from all over – including Israel, South Korea and England – locals dont need lessons! It was the first time we had encountered so many Australians in the same place since leaving home. Was it a hidden desire of all Australian men to hold their women in these romantic poses? Or were they unceremoniously dragged through hot coals to get here? Or, like my beloved, were they doing it for the love of their wife or partner – happy to follow her to the ends of the earth – even though absolutely terrified? Actually many were backpackers out for a good laugh and, as it happens, the male dance instructer was hilarious. Husband was at the front of the mens group and he was smiling and he was hot (still had a bit of a fever actually)!

Women please move this way! One foot forward, one to the side,two steps back and then one two to the side. Men – the opposite. Then the leg lift – then the face! A few dropped out immediately as the horror of actually dancing set in. Not my man!

So they teach us separately then we have to put it all together – leg wrapped around husband – head turn to the side, serious face, no laughing!!! He held his hand out perfectly and danced me around the floor without fault. Twenty three years of marriage and I finally find out he can dance? Okay that might be an exaggeration as his rock and roll exhibits in the past (especially at bluesfest) have been a little lacking – but he can tango! Isn't that what is most important in the world? Isn't that what every woman needs? A man who can tango?

After the lessons we are seated in the theatre enjoying our meals and wine and this tango lady jumps off the stage, swoops down and grabs him up for another tango! He is sought after by the professionals! He is terrified! He grasps helplessly for his wine! Its too late – she has him in her clutches! I am laughing my head off just looking at his face as I quickly grab the camera for a snap. This night will be remembered – tomorrow night maybe the melanga where the locals go – he is too good to stop now!

But now i am coughing up a storm, aching again and feeling an undeniable need to be curled up in bed. Tomorrow we have a day trip to Uruguay how will we cope? Up all night dancing – fever – coughs – Just gotta love travelling haven't you…..


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