Viana to Logrono 12 km A semi rest day (again) day 11

I know if we do 10km days all the way it will take us 80 days to reach Santiago. But, I tell you if we do 25 km days all the way we may not make it to Santiago. Full credit to those who can do more (and my beloved may well be one of them) but my little legs have been battered and bruised enough over the years and need to have their beauty sleep occasionally (or at least a shorter day).

Anyway we finally found an open post office and managed to send our post camino 4kg box on. The only trouble is I may have snuck out a couple of things that I am not using and my pack for some reason feels heavier. I chose to keep my sleeping bag, I know some may consider this a luxury but it only ways 400grams (a lot when adding up pack essentials) but the fact is I get cold when I sleep and the sleeping bag liner just isnt enough. I also chose to keep my Skecher gowalks because my minimalist croc sandals are just not comfortable enough to wear out in the street but still necessary for the showers.

Today was also a day for thinking. When pilgrims check in at home the calls are often just a happy conversation about travels or a catch up on bills. But sometimes the news can be quite devastating and this can make one walk with a heavy heart. I walked with a heavy heart today myself and started questioning why on earth we are doing this walk. On the surface it could be seen as a frivolous endeavour undertaken by those with too much time on their hands. Underneath however, for us at least, I think it is more of that walking meditation I spoke of earlier where we spend time together without distractions and reconnect after many years of stress and challenge.

It is often said that a pilgrimage such as this is a metaphor for life and that people come and go and return into your life over time just as they do on the Camino. I think that may be a little deeper than I am thinking but I do think the positive attitudes of people setting out for Santiago rub off with each new encounter and it is extremely uplifting. We never know why our dorm neighbour is undertaking the walk, and we never really know what drives them. A German girl in Ronsenvalles told me how she used to talk with her Grandmother about one day doing the Camino, then her Grandmother died so she felt compelled to walk. I am confident many others have various emotional stories that have led them to this path – and so here we are – semi-resting for the day arrived safely in Logrono – and thinking!

Nevertheless we arrived at Logrono with some chores to see to. We had to collect the stuff that we had been unable to post to Santiago then find a post office to send it to Santiago at last. After sending the package on (which was somewhat of a mammoth effort at officino de correos – post office) we headed back to the Albergue and I hit the bunk for a rest. Husband went out to socialise with the young Americans in the lounge area sharing stories of his misspent youth for their entertainment. I was privileged to view the male Spanish bike riders undertake yoga stretches and strip almost naked before heading to the showers! Oblivious to my presence – or maybe not. Obviously this form of entertainment can be as inspiring as the many stories shared by pilgrims sometimes!

We had one of the more dissappointing meals I recall since commencing this journey – the menu was unintelligible to us being half in basque half in spanish and difficult to decipher – I understood the menu to read marinated pork loin with egg and potatoes which I thought sounded vaguely interesting – I couldnt see vegetables anywhere so that would have to suffice – I was served fried bacon eggs and not so nice chips! Oh well I guess it was marinated pork loin after all.



We headed back and hit the sack for one of our earlier nights. The hostel was in a converted office building of sorts (originally something more romantic prior to that) but it had ducted air with acoustic tile ceilings (as is often the case at work). Trouble was the air could not be adjusted and it was a very hot dry night which made sleeping difficult. Oh well – so much for the rest stop!

Buenos Noches!

Cathedral in Logrono

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  1. Kelly says:

    Gail sing as you walk…..I would walk 500 miles. …da de da da😊😊😊


    1. Webworldly says:

      Yes been singing Kel especially that one – was our farewell song at wedding reception!


  2. TOM & JOAN JESSUP says:



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