Day 14 Belorado to Villafranca Montes de Oca 13.18 – 4hrs – Farewell Speedy

Today was going to be an easy day. Together with the Choirmaster we planned to reach the foot of another pass over a mountain range into Burgos. Last time we walked from Belorado to San Juan de Ortega and then to Burgos my feet were very angry with me. This time I at least wanted to be kinder to them.

I had pampered them last night with a home grown pedicure but they still needed a bit of a rest. As it turned out both my beloved and the choirmaster were also keen to limit their exertion. It was the Choirmasters wisdom that chose the locations for the next two days which would allow for a relatively easy walk into Burgos. First Villafranca Montes de Oca then some strange named place just before you cross the freeway and head into Burgos.

Because we had an easy day planned we actually had a sleep in until 6 this morning and then walked up to the bar to have our breakfast which meant we weren’t walking in the dark again. Funnily enough Belorado was the only place we left in the dark last time so at least we would get to see it in the light. There are some impressive murals to see on the way out.

And some graffiti reminders of Granon!

Anyway Speedy planned to go about 12 kilometres further so she could get into Burgos and have a rest day rather than do the couple of short days that we had planned. We all set out together and passed through the first couple of towns with no shops or coffee for second breakfast although we did manage to pick some fruit along the way. We also had a great view of an old church cut into the mountain.

We bid farewell to speedy at the only bar we stumbled across. It wasn’t as sad as farewelling someone going home because we knew we would see her again in Burgos.

Just before entering villafranca was an exceptionally old church in the middle of a field. Some of these old buildings are amazing for their ability to withstand the elements for centuries!

We chose an albergue attached to a magnificent restored hotel. Well actually it dated from the 1300’s and was originally a hospital for peregrinos. I’m not totally sure what that meant but might have had some relation to fixing blisters and giving people a rest!

Checking in at the foyer

We were checked in at the magnificent foyer and then walked out the back door, past a lovely bar and upstairs towards a couple of horrendous buildings that did not match the opulence of the entry. But the lady laughed as she turned right and led us over a footbridge into the back of the hotel.

The albergue was lovely – clean and well designed. We took the 10 euro single beds rather than the 5 euro bunks! Had a lovely meal and watched the rain tumble down before heading to bed ready for an early start and a long day between our two short days.


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  1. texancheri says:

    I love reading your posts and the way you write. You’re bringing back such vivid memories. All wonderful memories. And this has been such a different Camino for you. I’m so happy you’ve been able to enjoy it so much more.
    You guys have definitely gotten into your groove and stepping off some impressive Kms. Keep on posting and never stop walking – unless there’s a cafe con leche or cerzeva to be be had. Buen Camino! Xox cheri


  2. lelbylelbs says:

    I would have paid for a photo of your face as you surveyed the dodgy outhouses 😉 !! I adore that stratified rock-face in the main photo! xx


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