Day 30 Molinaseca to Cacabelos 8hrs 50mins 22.8kms Over 4 weeks and 637km down (according to Brierley guide book)!

The descent yesterday had given me more than just memories. As soon as I strapped my pack on it hit me. I now had the privilege of back and hip pain! It was extreme.

As soon as we left the albergue I felt the stabbing pain in my lower back and hip. This is not a blog to deter you! This is the reality. Probably caused by trying to protect my knees during the descent yesterday, felt like a nerve being pinched with every step. My beloved was complaining of sore feet too. He suggested I pull out the big guns again. Ibuprofen 400mg!

Given that we needed to keep moving I was willing to give it a shot so just before we left the outskirts of town we stopped and had a break in the dark while I downed the medication. For what its worth my feet felt great! I think the knee protection going down into Molinaseca yesterday worked but had pulled something further up.

Not long after our stop the Fräulein with her package and the Rose amongst thorns overtook us. Fräulein was determined to send the package on as we passed through Ponferrada. No more dilemmas with hospitalarios for her!

As luck would have it the German guidebook provided a different route – approximately 1.5 kilometres shorter. (The Choirmaster later confirmed the scenic route through Campos was nothing short of a waste of time!)

Needless to say we followed the Fraulein and the Rose into the outskirts of Ponferrada and overtook them when they stopped to find the post office. We kept going and had a breakfast break up past the Castle before continuing on to Cacabalas – todays destination.

My first arrow contribution

I have to say the lack of yellow arrows and sparcity of signs out of Ponferrada made for an interesting morning. I used my trek right app and contributed to the arrows. I almost twisted my ankle when I jumped suddenly upon sighting my first snake on this camino (at least it was dead and it wasn’t a snack this time!).

A small sample

We eventually found our way to the small Puebla of Cacabalas and the great little Municipal Albergue with twin rooms surrounding an old church.

I was sitting on my bed unpacking when I spotted one of our favourite German teams at the washing area – the singing Germans! They had been delayed by illness at Rabanal so we had caught up to them! Just fantastic.

The hospitalario was wonderful, the Fräulein was there, the Rose amongst thorns and the Swedish Cousin. Only downside for me was the hip and back pain was kicking in again – ibuprofen yet again came in handy.

The Grandest of Municipals!

Clothes washing facilities
Our suite!
The entry showing rooms to the right

A few of us headed into town to locate some food and stock up on snacks at the supermarket. We bumped into Yoghurt from the Young Ones when we were seeking a suitable bar to eat in. Unfortunately there were no cooking facilities at the Albergue but its design and originality made up for any missing services.

The Fräulein gets a burger at last

We hand washed our clothes and marvelled at the cleanliness of the bathrooms. We were all ready for a slow climb up tomorrow. All was well in the world again!

Hasta mañana!

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