Day 13 The Sun is Shining, the birds are singing!

After the rain last night it was interesting to see the river all chocolate and fast. I helped an old lady out with her bag transfer and also asked our Jacotrans friend to take some sandals a Frenchman had left behind and leave them in belorado!

An old local man had been over catching yabbies in the river- it appears the rain is good for some things! Mavis came running into the laundry with one and frightened Zebra! She thought Mavis had found it in the dormitory and they were coming up through the walls!

During the day I sorted my pack and put a camera adapter in my pole – I felt quite proud using the hollow wooden hammer and an old rusty nail instead of the special leki tool!

When the pilgrims arrived we enjoyed helping them with bowls of icy water. It has seemed so busy over the last two weeks as we were keeping on top of the cleaning it often felt as though we didn’t have time to help in this way!

There were a couple of nice Dutch people cooking dinner to share with a Japanese fellow and a German girl. They offered to share their wine with us so I offered to take their photo. Of course in the true style of my beloved they also now have a selfie of me on their cameras!

Before dinner we went to the mass and caught the pilgrim blessing again because we didnt manage to have our credential signed last time. The priest remembered us and also gave a special Hospitalera blessing and gave us a couple of small prayer cards and a saints medallion to keep. Apparently the fellow who started this church also founded Opus Dei!

After the mass we went to dinner and enjoyed a repeat of last nights share salads before swapping out dessert for a baileys on ice! !Que Bueno!

Hasta manana 🙂

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  1. TOM JESSUP says:

    Yabbies [ red claw here] Joan and I did not do very well red claw fishing at Emerald as the weather was to cold for the red claw go off the bite [eating]. We were expecting to catch 100Ssssss. I guess we may have to go to Spain to try our luck.

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    1. Yes Tom you would love the river here!


    2. Tom thanks for your ongoing interest! I think yabbies are here in abundance!


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