Santo Domingo Calzado to Belgrado 22.28km Day 15 and Day 16

We tried to start early again today, headed out of town around 9.30am! Oh well all the serious hikers had gone at 4.30 or 5am and there was no way we going to catch up anyway. It was actually quite chilly so not such a bad time to leave anyway. Husband pulled his socks up to dry and replicated many of the European hikers we had met. Also hitched a ride on a pilgrim memorial briefly.

On the outskirts of town we stopped and I zipped the legs back on my pants – they’d been in my pack for a few days now as we had been super hot. I also put my rain jacket on as the clouds were quite dark and I’d sent my other hiking jacket on to Santiago in my pack declutter. We climbed our first hill and husband sat in deep contemplation.

So the dark clouds of Mordor it seemed had found us . But again the dark grey changed to a lighter grey as we wandered through the fields and the man with outback tracking skills (now known as the Donkey Hunter) spotted more evidence we were on the right track.

Wandering through the wheat and barley fields were fresh droppings “We are within a day of the Frenchman with the nice ass – of this I am certain”.

After passing opium fields. We wandered into the next town and bought a Gatorade and a coke zero and a banana and headed off again through beautiful green fields and crossed the border into Castilla and Leon.

I was given a lesson on the difference between wheat and barley (we think)

And we finally arrived in Belorado and the best little hostel ever and I had my first swim on the Camino and guess what? There was the Frenchman with the nice ass! The tracking skills were spot on! There was generally a good bunch of people hanging out here – including Dave the Englishman with the red ankles and his Spanish friend with the prize winning blister.

Our French friend Antony was happy to see us too.

So was his Nice Ass

Antony and Marten

Dave the Englishman and Antony the Frenchman

There was also a medieval fair on this weekend. We found Albergue a Santiago in Belorada so comfortable we decided to stay an extra night and give our feet a break. After all in two weeks our only rest day in Pamplona had not been that much of a rest.

Even the nice ass has hiking boots!

poolside serenade!

Buenos noches

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  1. Laura says:

    So glad spirits have improved Gail – maybe by the time you get to the end, you’ll want to turn around and walk back! (Or maybe you’ll just want to sit in a day spa for a week..!)
    Guess what you were doing this time a year ago? Kicking up you heels at Mr & Mrs Gs! We’re in Barossa this weekend to reminisce and celebrate 🙂


    1. Webworldly says:

      Spirits have improved Laura and so has the vino! Buenes Dias


  2. Karen says:


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