Day 44 Eirexe to Melide – 22km – A walk in the mist

“I am sitting in the mist listening to the cock crow. A few early morning hikers have left already. I can hardly see ahead. The mist has engulfed the village. It’s 7am and we have a long day ahead of us. Twenty two kilometres to our next stop at Melide. People from the town before us are already passing the village. We have just spoken to our younger son via Skype and I am realising how much I miss our boys and family and friends; and the comfort of our home. It is time to walk.”
Our American friends leaving Eirexe



Starting early for a change gave us an opportunity to miss the heat. At least that’s what we thought. It also gave us an opportunity to experience the crispness of a misty start. The vista was at times eerie and you could hear your footsteps echo along the road. Every now and then a car would appear out of the mist or another pilgrim would creep up from behind. The morning really is a beautiful time of day. Especially when you are on a pilgrimage and you have a long distance to travel.


The day was 22km but without the heat it actually didnt feel too bad. I had booked us in to a room in a Pension that had a pool at Melide and quite frankly the walk was quite a pleasant one although it did start to feel a bit hot again in the afternoon. We met a nice Spanish couple who suggested we have a stop at one bar where the enterprising owner had placed the seats and tables in the paddock opposite. It was a nice place to stop.

When we finally arrived at Melide we were pleased with the accommodation – it was as though someone had opened their home to guests and it was clean and cool. The pool was lovely!

After a rest we headed to the mains treet and tried Pulpo – the local specialty. Pulpo is octopus and neither of us much like it anyway but thought we’d try it. Luckily the New Zealanders arrived minutes after us and we were able to quickly hand it over for them to try before they ordered any. They loved it and happily ate it all – in fact their only complaint was that we only ordered the small size! Well that saved a big waste didnt it? We shouldnt order things we know we don’t like – but then you never know when you might change your mind and trying local dishes seems important.

I think the taste was fine – it was the concept of eating octopus that we found disturbing.

Not to go hungry – we had steak instead. We headed back to our room and tried again for an early night so we could beat the heat tomorrow.

Buenos noches.



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  1. lelbylelbs says:

    love the mistiness – the one with you in the lane looks so much like lanes around my old home in Kent. Your comments about missing people, and home – they’re a good sign I think. Because what is this about if not a chance to reevaluate, reflect. It wouldn’t be a big thing if it didn’t involve some pangs 🙂 I found this post of yours very moving for some reason. I even wanted to cry when reading about the octopus. There must be something wrong with me. Could I be missing you a lot I wonder?! LOVE. Always, you intrepid pair. Hxxxx

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