Day 5 Pamplona rest day

Just to keep you in the loop I thought I’d include this brief post. We ended up having a rest day in Pamplona as the cold or flu symptoms seemed to be hanging around me with aches and pains and fever and a bit of a runny nose.

I decided to stay in bed until almost lunchtime after ingesting the cold and flu tablets but holding off on the antibiotics. As luck would have it this seemed to do the trick although having had the flu vaccine in April probably helped minimise the severity as well.

We wanted a bite to eat and wandered back up to the small square where we had stumbled upon the flamenco yesterday and low and behold today it was flamenco guitar and singing.

Didn’t do much else really but met up with our yoga guru and her choir master and watched the sun set and moon rise over Pamplona from the bar behind the cathedral. My yoga master and I shared a guacamole and patatas brava and we all had a bit of a laugh because my beloved wanted some meat and ordered a dish off the menu that the lady assured us included meat. Interestingly it didnt include anything else!!

We tottered off to bed early to ensure we were up to alto del peron before the heat kicked in.


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  1. Richard Curley says:

    Love the blog and sure to be linking up daily. I’m so envious of what you are undertaking, particularly after watching/reading your blog and the movie The Way you so kindly gave me. Safe travels and look after the old fella…worried he’s holding you back. Richard,


    1. Thanks mr Curley – hopefully we can post daily! The internet is not always working that well – the old fella has suddenly recovered from man flu 🤧 and has picked up the pace!


  2. briskaren says:

    I am glad you are on the mend x

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  3. lelbylelbs says:

    Love a rest day, me. x

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