Day 25 León rest day

I’m not sure it is possible to convey the sheer joy of sleeping in. My only dilemma was that I was starving and had to go down to eat in the dining room. Of course this effort woke me and meant I couldn’t get back to sleep. My beloved snoozed away until 10am – just like old times!

We were on a mission to remove some weight from our packs and send it on to Santiago to pick up at the end. In order to achieve this we had to find the post office and my beloved decided the best route to follow was that provided by his new favourite app Waze. Unfortunately Waze tends to follow roads for cars so it took a little longer than anticipated and we were both exhausted by the time we’d sent the package. And this was our day off!!

As luck would have it there was a Burger King right at the entry to the old city when we were on our way back. Well lucky if you feel like something other than pilgrim food. We sat down in air conditioned comfort (another novelty on the Camino) and ate a wrap and a burger.

Whilst consuming our food, the Choirmaster messaged us and informed us she was in town! This was exciting news. But we were still exhausted and the Globetrotter gate keeper wouldn’t let us claim our bunks until right on 2pm. On a positive we wandered around and stumbled across a seriously interesting second hand market!

I then sat in a cafe near the cathedral to catch up on my blogging and the singing Germans dropped in to say farewell. They were busing it forward and would likely miss us in Santiago so I was very sad.

Then wouldn’t you know it – I bumped into Jack and the team lolling about on the Main Street near the Cathedral. It was clear Jack needed the break too!

In the evening we finally caught up with the Choirmaster and another friend and walked around town trying to find a decent restaurant that wasn’t already booked out. We ended up back at pax and sweet talked the staff into letting us in because we’d stayed there last night. Ended the night earlyish with a magnificent meal highlighted by a massive plate of real veggies!

Ni night!

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