Day 36 Portomarin to Palas del Ray 9hrs 55mins 21km – Slow and steady wins the race

I’ve got to be quick here. I am trying to catch up these last few posts before we head into Santiago. I apologise for my tardiness. I have been busy with friends and physiotherapists during my off time. But here is how the day went.

Our dear Camino friend had come all the way to Portomarin so she could walk with us today. This gave my beloved an opportunity to speed off into the future. We walked slow and steady and enjoyed the scenery of Galicia. We stopped at every bar for a break. And we took our time wandering down the well trodden paths of this part of the Camino.

It was quieter before dawn but as the day broke there were crowds of people coming along. As so many had started the last 100kms in Sarria that the Buen Camino greeting was fading. Far too many people responded with “Pardon” or “igualamente”. If I didnt get a Buen Camino back it became a bit obsolete.

Anyway as the sun rose we stumbled across a nice little breakfast stop where they sold the best Tortilla Patata so far. More importantly an Irishman pulled out his piano accordion and played Danny Boy bringing more than a single tear to my eye. The choirmaster, the English Medicine woman and Doctor Lovelace arrived soon after and we all engaged in some chitter chatter with my sister and cousin back home. It was a pleasant break and my beloved and I left laughing wondering how on earth someone could name a new dog breed the golden doodle!

Anyway our superhiker had turned into a Jettsetter of sorts since we had travelled together in 2016. Living in Finisterre and working in London was clearly a long way from the freedom of the trail so she was keen to keep walking with us for the day and the time passed all too quickly as we chatted and caught up on the happenings in our lives and the gossip of the Camino.

We eventually pulled in to Palas del Rey just in time for the last bus to take her away again. Sometimes people come into your life and you know they will always be a part of it! We had both been a part of three caminos together and knew the tradition would continue. We bid farewell from outside our basement abode and she disappeared down the road.

After dinner I went and found a massage from another fisioterapist and this guy was wonderful. I left there after 10pm E35 short but feeling hopeful he had again helped me deal with this horrendous pain. At least the nerve had stopped pinching now because that was really impossible to walk with. Strangely my beloved was now developing some aches and pains – perhaps due to his fast pace ahead of me?

Hasta manana

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  1. texancheri says:

    So happy you’re feeling and moving better Gail. Money well spent. I have dearly loved following your adventures and shenanigans on this Camino. Enjoy the last few legs of your Camino!
    Xo – cheri


    1. Thanks so much for all of your support Cheri. Loved the comments – you have been with us all the way – heading out for Santiago as I write!


  2. lelbylelbs says:

    I am much too empathetic – not only did I cry when I thought of you slowly walking on, but then I cried even more when Danny Boy started up in my head (Oh, and I had also cried to think of you talking to your sister) and then I even cried when you had relief from a fisio! I almost cried to hear about Tom’s shin pain – but he’s so tough, I thought – oh he’ll handle it 😉 Seriously, I did feel for him! If you’ve read my response to your NEXT post but one, then you’ll realise that I am travelling back in time on your walk (reverse catch up)! LOVE


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