Day 37 Palas del Rey to Arzua 30.52km 11hrs 47mins Not too bad for an injured warrior!

Only 2 days out from Santiago people.

I headed off early again so that I could make some headway. Once my beloved caught up I encouraged him to go on ahead. I was slow but I could then take my time without feeling pushed to keep walking when I was in pain. Not that he insisted but he clearly was frustrated since I had slowed down even more than usual to protect myself. Some may be wondering – good grief could she actually walk any slower? The answer is yes. Especially if I had enough breaks to enable myself to recover.

Anyway I spent much of the day talking to different camino friends and chatted enroute to my sister at home. I made myself an appointment for a massage at 5.30pm when we arrived in Arzua. As it turned out there was no way I was going to make it for 5.30 so I rang and changed it to 6.

The day dragged on and, although at the outset we thought it would be an easy day (after all we had endured the Meseta, the descent from Cruz de Ferro and even O’cebreiro) but it was a surprising long and difficult day. 31kms by most trackers! Somewhat shorter by guidebooks!

The English Medicine Woman very kindly walked by my side for the last few hours, encouraging, supporting and pacing me. The last 4 kilometres actually ended up 7! Up and down hills that looked lovely but were draining in the heat of the day. I called again and changed the appointment for 6.30 because we were still on the road.

We eventually arrived at the albergue to find my beloved had major pain in the shin (likely the speeding up was not actually a good idea after all!)

I rushed to the appointment had a wonderful massage but found myself needing the hiking pole to support me walking back to the albergue. Life is cruel sometimes. (Or at least 30kilometre days are!).

We enjoyed a great pizza and had a few laughs drinking wine in the street and watching the Choirmaster come to life when she found her people! Buenes noches

Two days out!

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