Day 38 Azure to oPedrouzo – the Penultimate day – Scallops and Swollen limbs! 21.56kms 9.38hrs

Scallops beers and swollen limbs sound like a strange mixture. But they were all integral parts of the day.

Firstly my beloved was in pain. This was the first time in two Caminos I had seen him hobbling and we were only two days out from Santiago! Clearly speeding up had not been to his advantage. My annoying speed and many injuries had saved him from this type of thing sooner.

We rubbed stuff in his shin, taped his leg and off we went with him using two poles for the first time I believe.

He was clearly in pain but the bonus of today was going to be the scallops. Yes that’s right – my favourite scallop and beer stop of our first camino was today. We started slowly and stopped for a break or two. Eventually we found out that Tia Dolores was only a 3 minute walk from the Bar we were in.

The Choirmaster and the English Medicine Woman agreed it was a great idea to have beer and scallops at 10.30am on our penultimate day so the 4 of us headed off for the 3 minute walk!

We arrived to find the Doctor talking at the bar and invited him to join us. First he helped sort out a sim pin blockage and then the fun began! This was the beginning of a great day of laughter, music and pain! Well pain for my beloved moreso this time.

In the end he still beat me into town! The choirmaster and I enjoyed the leisurely stroll through the last forest and felt the heat as we searched aimlessly for our nights abode!

We pulled in to OPedrouzo later than planned but relieved. I went with the girls for one of the best meals on the Camino and we agreed this gave us plenty of energy for our grand entry into Santiago.

See you all in Santiago on the morrow!

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  1. lelbylelbs says:

    Dear ones, I have been absent without leave for days now – and kept getting alarming updates from Michael which got me worried! So I’ve dived in and read the last one first… especially since it’s nearly over!!! I am so relieved not to see you bent double Gail, hearing your back has been dodgy?!? But Tom… 2 sticks. Crikey. The mind boggles. I am salivating at those scallops! Cheering you on from a very distant side-line angels, and a storm gathering outside! XXXX


  2. texancheri says:

    Wonderful idea to have scallops and beer at 10:30. Those are not to be missed at any time of day. You’re almost there!! Hoping you make that last leg with a spring in your step! Both of you. Great posts! I will greatly miss reading your daily adventures.
    Xo – Cheri


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