Days 18 and 19 Burgos

Burgos is a place where a lot of pilgrims have a day off. For us it was a place to have two days off. Originally we planned only two nights (which meant one day rest) but the weather report suggested rain for both days and it felt like a cold winters day at home where you rug up in front of the fire so the decision wasnt difficult. (12 degrees during the day and very wet).

The morning of Day 1 saw us visit Decathlon which is not unlike Rebel Sport at home. We had to catch a taxi there as it was way out of town and the driver happened to own an old Australian made XE Falcon (I think that’s right). He proudly showed us a photo of it and told us we were banana benders and seemed to know a lot about Australia yet he’d never been there. The fact that he could speak English was a bonus for us as it was not difficult to get where we wanted and it was a pleasant journey. I bought some new ASIC Kayuna runners to give my feet a break from the boots. It was like walking on air! Trouble is they aint gonna be too good in the wet. Husband bought some new heel inserts and I bought a few things like tape and blister repair stuff and we headed back to our hotel for a rest.

In the afternoon I visited fisio y fisio and struck a lovely lady named Marta who massaged my legs and hit my back with the tens machine of some sort after she touched it and we both realised it was a bit tender. Who would have guessed? I arranged to go back the next morning also and she did my knees with the tens and a massage and rubbing all sorts of stuff in again.

I was so glad to have had the time to do this as my body definitely needed the attention and the break.

We visited the Cathedral of course which is a Gothic masterpiece – not unlike the one I remember in Koln Germany. It houses great pieces of art and, as usual, many sepulcres of past important clergymen, their families, and patrons and wealthy citizens. It always makes us wonder about the poor people of the times when we see the ornate decor and magnificent artwork. Since visiting South America I also think of the poor Incas and the way their temples were ransacked. Nevertheless the beauty of the Cathedral cannot be denied.

Rained alot while we were there – view from our room

Husband took it upon himself to visit the barber whilst I was at the Physio. Here he was fortunate to get a traditional Spanish man’s haircut. I was not overly impressed with the step at the back which was similar to many hair cuts on the older Spanish men! Husband was very happy none the less because he felt like a new man!

We ate at a tapas bar for lunch and a hamburgeria for dinner on day one. And accidentally ended up back at La Mafia for their lunch special on day two.

Lunch at la Mafia

On day two we didnt do much and really did rest a bit (which was clearly necessary) and we ended the day in a great little bar / restaurant where pilgrims and locals alike gather. Here we met Eric from Austria (who husband decided was Eric the viking) and we helped him celebrate the end of his camino as he was finishing in Burgos. He was good company and we had nice calamari and lamb and, more importantly, red wine!

Eric and us!

Buenos noches!

Plenty of pilgrims deal with pain in unique ways!
Love the local Musos!
Met a heap of pomes heading to a Hog run!

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