day 20 Burgos to Hornillos Del Camino 21.8 km

Damn it whole blogs are disappearing with bad wifi. None the less thank you all for reading and staying in touch – all likes and comments on WordPress are greatly appreciated and keep me motivated to keep writing and sharing a few photos. Frankly it keeps us both motivated to keep walking. Please excuse me if this one is now a bit short as I am a few days behind in blogging and the entire post disappeared!

The last week or so has also brought some sad news from home which makes us ponder things as we walk. Firstly a family member has been dealt with some life changing medical news, a young friend of our sons was killed in a car accident only months after finishing school, and we have only just heard that friends have been in Bali to bring home their loved one who died in a snorkelling accident. Sadly these events fill us with sadness for those affected and remind us of how fragile life is. At the same time we walk with a greater sense of awareness of how beautiful the little things in life can be.


We left Burgos a little late as usual which allowed us to walk through a festival on the way out of town. Here I had to try out a space aged toilet which I almost got trapped in when I posed for a picture and didnt get out of the automatic door in time! Amazing this high technology when I cant even get internet!


One of the many arrows telling us the way

Donkey hunter on the job again


Beautiful scenery

Almost there


This time we contacted a casa rural called El Molino. Its a little off track so they came and picked us up and dropped us back the next morning to where they picked us up from. It was a beautiful old flour mill converted to a house like a b & b. Apparently the crew from the movie “the Way” stayed there when making the film and prior to that Martin Sheen had stayed there with his grandson (Emilio’s son I think) and the grandson ended up marrying the beautiful spanish girl he met there. Sounds romantic doesnt it? If you havent seen the movie “The Way” get ahold of it as it is great story about the Camino (and life) although for some reason I don’t recall any of them having sore feet!


The Mill

The autographed posters
The food – salted tomatos – asparagus and egg


Erica serving the after dinner liqueurs!
The back of the house
The front of the house and the water that use to drive the mill

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. TOM & JOAN JESSUP says:



  2. Ellen says:

    More interesting food pics please !


    1. Webworldly says:

      Well might try and post a food page when wifi allows – have heaps of pics but never blog while hungry so don’t always think of them! (Always try to eat when hungry!)


  3. Karen says:

    Sorry to hear the sad news – a triple whammy 😦 Loving the photos. Did the donkey hunter taste the doo doo to see how old it was? I read somewhere that that is what trackers do to determine how far behind their target is.


    1. Webworldly says:

      Our sadness is for others at this time – heavens knows we’ve had our share at times but we are enjoying the simple things at the moment – (like foot pain and heat stroke.)


  4. Karen says:

    * oops…how far ahead their target is!


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